Flames exits were obviously designated throughout the hospital.

Flames exits were obviously designated throughout the hospital.

When you have any queries about flame protection treatments during your stay; kindly inquire an associate of your treatment employees for more information.

Video/Electronic Monitoring

St. Maryaˆ™s would like to guarantee the safety and security of customers, traffic, personnel and land, while respecting individualaˆ™s rights to confidentiality.

SMGH utilizes video and digital monitoring in conjunction with additional safety and security methods and strategies to keep you safer. Video/electronic security makes it possible for concurrent real time track of multiple markets within SMGHaˆ™s facilities/property and improves the capability to watch patients at risk in and around the services. This type of monitoring might protect against and/or prevent undesirable events, misconduct, and criminal task.

For those who have concerns or questions, be sure to phone our Privacy Officer at 519-479-6578, ext. 1209.

Illness Protection and Controls

Helping stop the spread of transmittable illness in our medical facility was everyoneaˆ™s obligation. Our very own illness cures and regulation groups were specialist and depend on the assistance of customers and subscribers. As someone or worry spouse, it is crucial that you follow all infection controls instructions. Kindly proceed with the tips below to avoid obtaining and spreading bacterial infections from inside the medical facility:

  • When you enter you will be processed for COVID-19. To find out more, click the link.
  • Upon entryway, you will be needed to execute hand health and put on a hospital-issued mask. Worry Partners is asked to wash her possession both before and after watching her loved one and once again before leaving a healthcare facility.
  • People ought to clean their particular palms usually, especially after coming in contact with discussed surfaces, both before and after ingesting, and after going to the toilet.
  • Be sure to try not to check out the healthcare facility any time you:
    • need cold or flu warning signs (temperature, coughing, throat pain or runny nostrils)
    • bring unexplained intestinal trouble (upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea)
    • have actually open injuries, lesions or skin rashes
    • currently exposed to measles or chicken pox in the past 21 weeks and you’re not vaccinated or have never got these health problems prior to.
  • If an individual need further safety measures (contact, droplet, airborne), attention Partners must stick to issues protection procedures and put on individual defensive equipment, as instructed by health personnel.
  • Keep your immunizations current acquire the influenza vaccine from year to year.


St. Maryaˆ™s General Hospital are committed to making sure option of medical center features and treatments for people as well as their family unit members. Any time you require the documentation on our very own web site in other forms, be sure to communications all of our Patient Relations agent at 519-749-6578, ext. 6867.

Wheelchair Access (by area)

  • St. Maryaˆ™s standard medical aˆ“ 911 Queenaˆ™s Blvd., Kitchener Wheelchairs can be found into the hospitalaˆ™s major reception. Be sure to do not eliminate wheelchairs from medical facility homes.
    • Important Entry
    • Disaster Entry
    • Washrooms throughout the medical (recognizable by the common wheelchair symbolization)
    • Cafeteria (train) via elevator from main floors
    • Tim Hortons
    • Church
  • St. Maryaˆ™s standard medical center Cardiac rehab aˆ“ 50 Bathurst Dr. device no. 1, Waterloo important entrances (no option within door, services required)
  • Waterloo Region sex Assault/Domestic Violence therapy middle aˆ“ 400 Queen St. Southern, Kitchener principal entry

For Deaf, Deafened and Hard-of-hearing

TTY cover phones are situated into the cellar regarding the healthcare facility, adjacent to CafA© 911 as well as in the crisis Department. Handheld TTY telephones can also be found for inpatients.

Presentation Treatments

If you or your beloved is far more safe speaking a language besides English, we receive one to bring a trusted friend exactly who speaks your own native vocabulary AND proficient English to you to behave as an interpreter. If you fail to https://datingranking.net/nl/blackfling-overzicht/ have anyone to assist you to, let us know and we’ll get in touch with a translation provider to help you at no charge.

Indication Words Interpreter

If you wish indicative code interpreter, you should point out this during consultation reservation. The Canadian Hearing culture will be contacted and can arrange for a professional interpreter through its Ontario Interpreter Services program to participate you on your browse.

Client Escorts

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