We continue on obtaining Six of Wand in the situation of my personal union with a really love interest.

We continue on obtaining Six of Wand in the situation of my personal union with a really love interest.

Exactly why? i am aware the cards was guess to represent victory or accolades.

– can it imply that among all of us try relaxing on their laurels? (and that I understand exactly who that would be) – Would it represent complanceny, arrogance, smugness? – anybody sleeping on the high pony? – Or does it express achievements for your partnership?

I find it tough to translate since the focus of this cards is found on anyone. I can’t let envision they shows self centeredness and self-satisfaction. It isn’t necessarily how I discover our very own union because We notice it as a confident thing. I simply don’t get a confident feeling using this credit. The figure when you look at the credit are experiencing out just as if indifferent or oblivious.

That bond had been started by me

anyhow, in my opinion, six/wands in an union spread (with respect to the circumstances) translates to affection, which could become love. It all depends throughout the scenario however. I have have they appear when my buddies happened to be envious of me personally due to the fact chap found myself as opposed to all of them. Nonetheless it had been, again, away from admiration which turned into a platonic connection. Close cards would see whether this admiration would become things additional.

Sorry when it comes to late post. Thanks for everyone that’s posted to date.

It may get in any event. Both of us have actually much respect and admiration for every various other but I don’t believe it’s in a worshipping (YOU WILL BE GOD!) style of ways. We’re well aware that neither you’re best.

I was down on that presentation, i believe.

Just to explain: it is a platonic commitment during that juncture although we’ve understood one another a bit. There was clearly a time whereby, considering situations, we had been attending run our very own seperate techniques permenently. Circumstances ended up in another way therefore we now discover one another again. Very maybe he’s pleased that people’ve *reunited* in a sense. Maybe he believes absolutely however the opportunity for us. idk.

Maybe not in cases like this. I do not entirely faith him. It might be that he views me personally as a sexual conquest. *He* *thinks* it will be well received. Notion and truth, but tend to be different.

Yeah, well. The attraction between united states is actually *intense* and off the maps. He has stated so themselves. The potential will there be. I get many Wands in indication with your: the OkCupid vs Tinder Ace, the Knight, the King, the Eight. But I’m not sure the reason why 6 of Wands (rather than any other rod) means using they here? Only in the sense of sexual conquest and that I’m too-old and smart to run indeed there.

I get quite mistaken for the Wands. Her stronger organization with sex and sensuality apparently give them an individual dimensionality. It seems each time We read an interpretation of a Wand, We discover “in additional words, the guy is merely hoping to get down your own shorts.” How exactly does your readers or querent reconcile that relationships of really love often put intercourse and visa versa? Servings mean appreciate? And wands imply one night really stands or brief flights of elegant?

I believe affection is achievable. Although he’s not overt along with his sentiments, occasionally he has stated something similar to “you’re fairly incredible” and “whenever going becomes difficult, the tough get going” referring to some challenges I’ve experienced while having conquered. Its advisable that you hear this understanding since if hardly anything else, We understand, they have respect personally. Fancy are entirely another problem.

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